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Costa Rica is located in Central America and has two coasts: the Caribbean and the Pacific; It also borders Nicaragua to the north and south with Panama. Blissfully, Costa Rica is full of beautiful landscapes and innumerable species of Flora and Fauna.

If you are a nature lover, here you will find several options, from a paradisiacal beach, National Parks or some Waterfall, where you can experience watching your fall and even where it is allowed, cool off in its waters.

You can visit Volcanoes and we also offer you the option to learn about the History of Costa Rican coffee and visit a local plantation. Our Country has a lot to offer, in this site you will surely find what you are looking for and what you need to explore this beautiful country, we have the right place for every type of person who visits us.

So our recommendation is to take your time to review all the information and if you still need more help to discover the vacation you want, do not hesitate to contact one of our travel coordinators, we can help you find the indicated travel option.

Let us make your stay in Costa Rica an unforgettable memory.

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